How to put whatsapp on my laptop

How I can use whatsapp on my laptop. One day, I was having a conversation with my boss via whatsapp, regarding the upcoming project, we were about to start. She wanted to explain key points from a file, she had shared minutes ago. When I tried to open that file, it won’t open in my mobile, due lack of support for that file.

Hello Dosto...WhatsApp Web and Desktop now supports the whatsapp Status video mein hum apko whatsapp ka new launched feature k bare mein bataya...

How to Use WhatsApp On Your Computer - The main advantage of using WhatsApp on Computer is that you get to use a large screen, full size keyboard and superior processing power of your computer. The easiest way to use WhatsApp on Computer is to use WhatsApp Web application, which basically mirrors your existing WhatsApp Mobile Account on the bigger screen of your computer.

Last update: January 7, 2019. We will show you very simple method to run two or more accounts on WhatsApp Web on laptop or from pc at the same timeSo we have to follow some tricks that help to use many accounts at the same time. How to use Multiple WhatsApp Web on Laptop or Computer.

After some fiddling, I found out a way to install WhatsApp on the PC, and figured that this might be useful to a lot more people. That’s when I started this website. Back then, it was really tricky to do, and my website was the only one with a simple explanation. Luckily, things got a lot easier as you can read in my simple guides above.

How To Install WhatsApp On Your Laptop / Pc Computer how to install whatsApp on pc. Simple Guidelines On How To Install and Use WhatsApp on Desktop Computer / Laptop Easily. The tutorial is a way easy task to accomplish, and easily you can follow it. But you need to install some programs to install WhatsApp on desktop Screen. Step 1: How to Install and Use Whatsapp in PC and Laptop i have installed whatsapp on my laptop,,and authneticated using my phone no.. but i m not able to run whatsapp on my phone and laptop..becauese it is saying for authentication on phone and laptop i can resolve the issue.. How to Download and Install WhatsApp in PC/Laptop

How to Use WhatsApp on Computer In this article, we are going see How to install and use Whatsapp on Computer or Laptop with step by step instructions. Read this article to know more! How to use whatsapp on pc Windows 10

You can also browse the topics below to find what you are looking for. Web and Desktop Download and Installation How to use WhatsApp on your desktop or laptop - Digital Trends

How to install WhatsApp on my PC/laptop - Quora

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